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Bus Hour

What is Liberal Hour?

What if we, the people, voluntarily choose to not drive our private vehicles for one hour?

In the morning and evening. 8:30 to 9:30 AM, 5:30 to 6:30 PM. All weekdays.

And yield the roads to Public transport vehicles.

Let the government not ban private vehicles (odd-even). Let the government not punish private vehicles to promote public transport vehicles (BRTS, Bus lanes). Let the government not discriminate driving needs of people (single drivers, HOV/Carpool lanes).

We'll just yield to Public Transport vehicles for 1 hour.


How does this help?

1. Most traffic congestion on roads happens during peak hours on weekdays. Both public and private transport vehicles compete for the limited road space. By yielding to public transport for 1 hour, we can help cities transport lot of people to their offices in less time.

2. Some people who are willing to use public buses, still can't use it because they are very slow. They are slow because there are lot of private vehicles on the road. Its a chicken and egg problem. With Liberal Hour, we can make public transport vehicles move faster.

3. Cabs are public transport, even if there is only passenger or only one human in a self-driving cab. By yielding roads to cabs, we'll be helping cab drivers to earn more during the morning rush hour, by completing more trips.


Why we shouldn't support restrictions on private vehicles?

1. Not all people can, nor should, take public transport. The disabled, the pregnant, the infants, toddlers and the elderly (who'll will catch infections),  the sick (who'll infect others).

2. Not all people can afford public transport. People have jobs that require personal vehicles (delivery, electrician, plumber, sales). Public transport is too expensive (takes too much time, cabs/rickshaws literally more expensive).

3. Private vehicles are needed for personal emergencies. Medical emergencies like a Stroke, Cardiac arrest, labor during pregnancy, snake bite etc need immediate attention of a trained medical practitioner. Sometimes (infact, most times in developing countries), it might be faster to use personal transport to a nearby hospital than waiting for an ambulance.

4. People have a right to own and use personal vehicles. If they can, we believe, every rational person, will use public transport. We trust people to make rational decisions. People use private vehicles, because they need to.

Liberal Agenda:

We call for voluntary yielding of roads to public transport, 1 hour morning and evening.  [ bus_hour ]
We oppose Govt monopoly in transport services.  [ bus_hour ]

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