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We are Indian Liberals. A group of Liberals interested in promoting Free Market, Personal Freedom and Liberal Democracy in India.

We are non-partisan and support Liberals irrespective of their party affiliation. We wish to become a Liberal PAC (Political Action Committee) in the future. We are inspired by the Swatantra Party and cherish their legacy.

We oppose Nationalism. Indian in Indian Liberals is merely a geographic indicator.

Latest News:

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We have some projects.

Join Indian Liberals - Our campaign to support various Liberal organizations in India.

Bus Hour - A Liberal Solution to promote Public Transport.

Revoke AFSPA - Our campaign to revoke and eventually repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).

Support UCC - Our campaign in support of a Common Civil Code.

Federal India - Our campaign to make India more Federal with more powers devolved to States and less interference by the Union Govt.

Universal In-Kind Welfare - Our campaign against Cash Transfers, vouchers, subsidies and freebies. We support universal in-kind welfare.

Repeal Section 377 - Our campaign to repeal Section 377 of Indian Penal Code which criminalizes LGBTQ people.

Electoral Reforms - Our campaign for electoral reforms demanding abolition of nominated seats in legislatures, single electoral roll based on unique voter ids, mandatory primaries, single day polling, and runoff elections.

Second Language Movement - Our campaign to promote Language Equality, and to oppose Hindi Imposition by the Union Govt, without any prejudice against Hindi language and speakers.

Free Market India - Our campaign to support free markets, FDI in all sectors, liberalization of the economy, privatization of PSUs and abolition of Govt monopolies.

Free Speech - Our campaign to support freedom of expression.

Gender Equity - Our campaign to support women's empowerment and gender equity. We oppose women's reservation, we condemn death penalty for rape as counter productive barbarism.

Pay Tax India - To widen the tax net, to support lower tax rates. We supported demonetisation of high value notes as suggested by Prof. Richard Thaler. We support GST as a multi-tax rate common tax across the Union. But we demand the abolition of CGST and the removal of the Union Govt from the GST Counil.

Local Governance - To support decentralization of powers from the Union and State Governments to Local Bodies. We support the 73rd and 74th amendments to our constitution.

Green Liberals - To protect the environment, wildlife and eventually reduce human land use to rewild India.

We have state specific campaigns.

See the list of State and Union Territory chapters on the Left rail of this page

Political Endorsements:

We currently endorse the following politicians for upcoming elections.

P Chidambaram
Jaswant Singh
Shashi Tharoor
Yashwant Sinha
Baijayant Panda
P D Rai
Rajeev Chandrasekhar
Nandan Nilekani
Jayaprakash Narayan
Prodyut Bora
Meera Sanyal
R K Misra

We support these Liberal Political Parties

There are few political parties which profess to be Liberal.

Loksatta Party
Liberal Democratic Party
Liberal Party of India
Swarna Bharat Party

We follow them and support whenever they take Liberal positions.

You need not agree with the motivation behind some, or all of these initiatives. But you can still be part of us and work on your interest areas. After all, we are Liberals.


Follow all our campaigns:



We are not an anonymous organisation. But we do not have any designated office bearers. We have volunteers. We'll be happy to reply emails sent to -@- You can also reach us at 91 9741399040.



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We use photos of Liberal leaders as profile images in many of our social media handles. This is only to express our support for these leaders and is not meant to imply any association with them or their parties. If you have concerns or objections about this usage, please write to us at -@- and we'll remove those photos promptly.